5 Great Digital Marketing Campaigns for Easter

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The idea of Easter is essentially a fresh start, a spring clean; to be reborn! – and this should be no different for brands essentially it is the ‘if you haven’t considered us yet, consider us now!’ time of year.

It presents a great opportunity for marketers to show the lighter side of their business usually with a chocolate focus and who doesn’t love chocolate!

Here are a few of our favourite Easter digital marketing campaigns so far…

1. Carlsberg creates a chocolate bar for Easter

In 2016 Carlsberg, the Danish brewer launched a pop-up bar made completely of chocolate as part of its “if Carlsberg did…” campaign. There thoughts were that the British public love chocolate and beer so why not combine the two.

The bar served half-pints of Carlsberg in branded chocolate glasses and included many features of a traditional bar such as a dart board, bar stools and a TV all made from Chocolate. Another reason for the campaign around Easter was the fact that Carlsberg saw the holiday as a big beer-drinking occasion so for that reason wanted to do something a little different.

Carlsberg creates a chocolate bar for Easter

2. Cadbury introduces the #EggsEverywhere campaign

Cadbury teased the Loch Ness mystery in their Easter Egg campaign in 2016. Cadbury put 3 giant Easter Eggs into Loch Ness in Scotland in a way to make it look like the Loch Ness monster emerging from the surface to play with the magic of easter and the mystery of the monster. Cadbury is always related to Easter and plays a big part in people’s homes over the holiday and Cadbury once again did it again with a brilliant campaign.

Cadbury introduces the #EggsEverywhere campaign


In 2013 Tesco launched an online game called ‘Find the Eggs’ blurring the lines of online and offline marketing using google maps to create a treasure hunt. Users entered their postcode into the find the eggs microsite to access the street view with a difference. The street view contained lots of hidden virtual eggs. Prizes included chocolate and if you found a rare golden egg you won a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.


4. Asda’s giant hen roaming the country

In 2016 Asda created the giant chocolate hen which amazed people with several new reports in the advert as a crowd gathered outside an Asda store awaiting its arrival. the hen walked to the top of the store and laid a chocolate egg which is delivered to staff below through a chute. The main message was that Asda has more than 20million Easter Eggs that Easter so head to Asda for yours. This advert really got people talking and embraced the full spirit of Easter.

5. Earster Cats by Whiskas

This one is for the cat lovers! Back in 2011, Whiskas got people to celebrate their love for their feline friends with their Easter campaign. An iPhone app was created allowing users to take cute pictures of their cats and edit them to include a pair of bunny ears which could then share with friends and family on social media.

If you need any help with your seasonal digital marketing campaigns, or any other campaigns, please feel free to get in touch.

Earster Cats by Whiskas

We hope you all have a great Easter break.