Our top 5 Myths of Digital Marketing

3 Minutes
Mark Gregory

There is so much out there regarding the do’s and don’ts of digital marketing so we thought it was time to set the record straight about some commonly encountered myths. Here are our top 5.

Myth 1: A negative online review will wreck your business

Every business will surely have a few unsatisfied customers, whether it is deserved or not.

By making sure you always address customer concerns can turn this negative into a positive.

Consider negative reviews as an opportunity to improve and educate the customer and offer a great service to resolve whatever it was they were not happy with.

Instead of choosing to ignore legitimate negative comments / reviews – take your time to respond to the customer and show them the level of service you are willing to provide as you value them. In turn they will value you.

Myth 2: Content marketing is a waste of time

Many businesses believe that the work is finished once their website is up and running. But, you need to be constantly uploading quality content to engage with your audience.

Nothing looks worse that posts that are weeks, months, or years old making your business look outdated and uncared for.

Not only that but new content will help to make your site more visible to google. Content marketing is closely linked with SEO campaigns, enabling you to bring in audiences who are searching for your content. So content using good key words is key.

Myth 3: Social media only works for a few industries

Every industry can benefit from a social media profile. Social media is all about connecting with your customers and spreading the word about your business as much as possible. When used strategically, social media can bring exposure and open communication.

But whether you are a B2B or B2C company, you need to find out the social network that suits your business best. Not all are equal, for example, while Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter may be best for a B2B company, other social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook work better for a B2C retailer. 

Myth 4: Just having a presence online is enough to drive brand impact

Thinking you need to go digital and putting your business online is an easy thing to do. But just having a presence online, unfortunately doesn’t automatically transform your brand visibility overnight.

Think of how many people are online today, be that via a website, YouTube channel, fan page or advertising presence; so to drive brand impact you need to do more.

Having a clear objective and putting in place the right measurements to evaluate success is vital to deliver significant return on your digital investments. If you are aiming for 500k twitter follower – ask yourself why you are wanting 500k? and what will you do once you have reached 500k, and do you know how they feel about your brand? 

Myth 5: Creative strength is less important online

Brands invest a huge amount of time and money into measuring and maximising the creative strength in offline advertising campaigns be it TV ads, print advertising etc.

Too few brands take the same approach with digital advertising even though there is a proven connection between the two. i.e a customer sees an ad on the TV, so goes online to buy. This creativity should follow through on all channels to create the greatest impact possible for the consumer.

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