Top Tips to Keep You PPC In Check

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We found the recent search engine advertising trademark legal case between Victorian plumbing and Victoria Plum an interesting one – and a reminder that you should keep your PPC in check.

On 18 November 2016, the legal case between Victorian plumbing and Victoria Plum (now came to a conclusion. Victorian Plumbing were found liable for trademark infringement following Google advertising campaigns over a number of years – the company paid to appear in search engine results when consumers had searched for ‘Victoria Plum’ and ‘related terms’ however the adverts used infringed upon trademarks.

It was concluded that Victorian Plumbing had spent hundreds of thousands of pounds per year on advertising which was found liable for trademark infringement.

Here are 3 Top Tricks to keep your PPC in check

Keywords are key

Take some time to research keywords relevant to your business. Google AdWords is a great PPC software that allows you to do a broad search finding keywords that are considered relevant by Google’s algorithms. This can include misspelled, or grammatical errors that are close to your selected keyword.

Use negative keywords as this will help to avoid spending money on any unqualified clicks.

Also, remember there is no need to bid on branded keywords. This is a waste of budget if you have a unique brand name as you will most likely already be dominating the search results page.

Adjust campaigns regularly

By amending campaigns whilst they are in progress is the best way to further improve. This will help you to continually optimise your campaigns to deliver strong results.

Spend 10 minutes each day checking up on your campaign. You will be enlightened with useful information; which keywords are performing well, or not so well. You will be able to fine tune your bidding as well as keeping an eye on expensive keywords before you run out of budget.

A useful tip is to make sure the campaign is being tracked via analytics; this way you can look at specific metrics that can help you optimise your campaign and other campaigns in the future.

Don’t forget the landing page

After putting in all that hard work into optimising your campaign you don’t want to be let down by your landing page. You could have the most wonderful and effective PPC ad, but if you are taking PPC leads to a landing page that is unrelated and confusing, or hard to read, then you are going to lose out on potential conversions. Always remember the user experience.

These are some a few small tips which will go a long way in improving the way you do PPC advertising, but If you need any advice, then Wish would be happy to help you.

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