5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Website

4 Minutes

Thousands of new websites are developed every single day across the web. However, many of them do not succeed as well as had hoped. This is a result of several business owners not understanding what it takes for a website to become successful.

Here are 5 easy ways to revamp your website for better performance and improved results.

Define Your Business Goals and Objectives – Have a Plan

Before anything else you must first define your business objectives. These objectives should align with your website. After all, the site is meant to help support your business in attaining its goals and objectives.

One model you could use to set your goals is the SMART model. A business goal should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely.

Define Your Website Taglines

A good website features high quality content. Visuals, website design, videos, images, etc. are a means to support your quality content to improve your site’s efficiency. Your business website should communicate what your company does, who you are and why your prospects or users should care about your brand.

A business website is your brand’s image online and therefore should reflect your company in its entirety. Since users today are very busy, they don’t have time to read long posts. This is where your taglines come in. Make your taglines short and informative, delivering your company’s important messages.

All your taglines should be short, easy to remember, specific and consistent. Customer-centric taglines focus on your customers wants and needs. Let your customers know how your business can help solve their problems, why they should even care and what they stand to gain. Give your customers proof that your company delivers through reviews and customer feedback.

Improve User Experience on Your Site

Your objective should be to create a good user experience. When designing your website, navigation is key. HubSpot, an automation marketing service, carried out a study in which more than 75% of the respondents pointed out that the ease of browsing a website to find information is the most critical factor to consider in website design. Develop easy-to-read content, ensure that critical information on your site is easy to find and make your site easy to use to achieve your objectives for improved business.

Before you begin designing your website, you should map out your customer’s journey from the first time they visit your website to when they become a customer. There is nothing worse than a site where you cannot find anything. Ensure your visitors can easily find what they’re looking for. If a user cannot find what they are looking for then they have no reason to stay on your site. You can attain this by ensuring that your site is highly usable and giving the user a better experience browsing your website.

A company that offers web design services can conduct a test aimed at finding usability issues on your site.

Give Users Something Valuable then ask them to take an Action in Return

If we were to provide one golden rule – that rule would be don’t ask too much from your customers too early. Many sites fail because they’re too quick to ask users to ‘call’, ‘register,’ or even ‘buy.’ A good idea is to offer your visitors something valuable before asking for anything. In social psychology, based on the Reciprocity Principle, you should motivate your users to engage and earn their trust by offering them something valuable first.

For instance, users’ contact information is personal and valuable to them. Consider the value of currency. Users will only give you their contact information if there’s something they stand to get in return. This doesn’t just mean saying how good you are at what you do, or how good your product is.

Prospective users want proof of your claims. Give a free consultation, sample, or white paper and users will become more trusting of you and take-action. Your valuable content can be exchanged for a user’s time, money or contact information, all geared towards successful business.

Craft Effective Calls to Action (CTAs)

Once your visitors land on your website do they know what to do next? Unless you provide them with some sort of direction they won’t know what actions to take, or which other pages they may be interested in.

Don’t be afraid to offer a little direction. Urge your site visitors to take-action by creating effective CTAs. A good CTA can convert visitors to your site into customers. An effective CTA is well-worded and placed at the right places on the pages of your website. When compared to a ‘Contact Us’ link, a CTA converts many more times.

Your tagline’s and CTA’s can work together to enhance a user’s confidence in your business

and eliminate any concerns they may have. Using terms such as ‘no obligation,’ ‘download our sample GamePlan’, ‘request an assessment,’ ‘watch the video’ and offering users ‘free trials’ have proven effective. CTAs should be positioned to stand out for better visibility.

We hope this article has been useful in providing just a few small changes to improve your website. Get in touch with Wish Digital if you would like any assistance with improving your website