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Founded in Belgium in 1946, Christeyns specialise in hygiene solutions for businesses globally. From their headquarters in Ghent, they have grown into a global manufacturing leader of chemicals and equipment for sectors including healthcare, food processing, professional textile care, and life sciences.

Since 2016, we’ve been working with Christeyns to strengthen their brand through PR, supplying marketing materials, event and exhibition support, and a new website that consolidated several companies into the main Christeyns brand website. Christeyns continues to grow under its family stewardship and has now expanded into exciting new markets and territories across different continents with the same passion that brought Christeyns to life back in 1946.

A multi-lingual website for a global leader

After several years of working closely together, Christeyns were keen to explore what a new website could bring to their company. With a number of new acquisitions into it’s group, it was the ideal time for us to consolidate the various companies into one central website.

Through a comprehensive discovery and strategy process involving stakeholders from across their global team, we mapped out the content and planned the  functionality to showcase Christeyns. With a keen eye on existing customers, we also worked with the team on how we can provide useful content and important documentation to existing customers. This plan was followed through with a slick new design and performance orientated development to deliver a website that has gone from strength to strength.

Since launch in 2021, we’ve been enhancing the website through new functionality, additions to its original 8 languages and tweaks to existing areas, as we look to optimise both the user journey and Christeyns’ backend processes.



company websites into one corporate website


supported languages


year-on-year increase in traffic

Showcasing Christeyns at events

As a global leader in chemical manufacturing and cleaning equipment, Christeyns visits and presents at exhibitions across Europe and beyond. With a history of developing show-stopping exhibition stands and a keen focus on developing pre- and post-exhibition strategies, Wish has supported Christeyns over the years to build memorable experiences for attendees.

From stand design to teaser campaigns and follow-up mailers, our team has worked with Christeyns to own the show and help accelerate their growth.

Streamlining the Christeyns brand

Christeyns has harnessed the expertise across our full team since we started working together, and we’ve provided a whole host of marketing materials—from the new website to branding and design, PR, and various pieces of marketing collateral as well as internal communications support.

As our relationship with Christeyns continues, we’re excited to be part of their incredible growth story, from their humble beginnings in Ghent in 1946 to becoming a global leader in hygiene supplies.

We first began working with Christeyns’ UK operation, with headquarters in Bradford. Our great work with the business led to an opportunity to meet with the head office marketing team in Ghent, Belgium and expand our marketing support to the wider European business. This exceptional relationship ultimately led to the large-scale website project to merge over 20 websites into one multi-lingual corporate website. We’ve enjoyed working with the fantastic marketing team at Christeyns, and look forward to supporting their expansion and success in the coming years.

Chris Kell
Director, Wish Agency (Christeyns Project)
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