Two Website Launches in the Wish Studio

3 Minutes
Chris Kell

We were proud to launch the new website for Aqupharm®, part of Animalcare PLC.

Having created the previous website which was a brochure site containing information, mostly regarding the Infusion Pump product range, we were delighted to be asked by Animalcare to upgrade their site.

We were tasked with restructuring the website to an ecommerce style site, but without the basket/purchasing functionality. The client wanted to maintain the same styling as much as possible and also to include a full list of stockists on this website, for customers to purchase their product range.

To support the website build, we provided a product photoshoot for the client allowing us to display very high-quality product imagery, complementing the client’s content.

From wireframe design to the day of launch, the site was a smooth development, with our team and the Animalcare marketing team working well together to complete the project on time.

Aqupharm® from Animalcare has been working with Veterinary professionals to deliver high class fluid therapy to animals, for over 30 years. They are committed to innovation and delivering products that make a difference to customers and the patients they support.

You can visit the website here.

New Charity Website Launched

In the studio at the same time as Aqupharm was a new website for a brand new charity organisation, created to help those suffering with addictions.

This is the organisations first website and we are proud to have been a part of this project.

Help for Addicts – the Romani Foundation – formed in January 2019 in memory of Jordan Romani who, like many others, tragically chose to take his own life following years of addiction.

Unfortunately, there is very little support available for young addicts, as drug addiction is often perceived as a crime rather than an illness.

Help for Addicts hope to raise awareness about the issues involved with addiction and to provide help, advice and guidance on dealing with addiction to drugs or alcohol and the life issues which accompany such addictions.

The website offers:

help for addicts

  • Emergency links to charities, help lines and NHS pages for those in need
  • Support and advice for friends and family of an addict.
  • Understanding addiction and the types of addiction that exist
  • A twelve-step road to recovery guide
  • Diet & wellbeing advice
  • News on hospitals and help centres that they have visited, to understand where to go to get the right advice/help.

The website will be used to provide not only potential life-saving information but also immediate support and guidance for addicts and/or their friends and families.

Help for Addicts are working with ‘Addaction’ – one of the UK’s leading drug, alcohol and mental health charities – to ensure that our work is aligned with that of other charities. They are also working on a DVD that they hope to circulate in schools and colleges free of charge to raise awareness at an early age.

Find out more about Help for Addicts or make a donation here:

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