Returning to the Office

4 Minutes

Over the past 5 months at Wish, like so many businesses across the UK, we have all been working from our homes. But now, we are starting to go back into the office a little and are open full time, giving people the freedom to work remotely or in the office. We all go in one day per week so we can catch up properly and discuss projects underway.

To prepare for this and ensure the safety of the team, there have been a few changes at Wish including a new dishwasher, everyone has been given their own storage box and a tea towel and the addition of lots of hand sanitiser and social distancing signage. I have been speaking to a few of our team to gauge their opinions on our return:

Wilf –  I’ve loved seeing the office back in full swing and can’t wait until everyone is back (safely) on a regular basis.

We’re a creative company and you can’t beat face-to-face contact when it comes to creating and crafting great marketing.

Steve – I was both excited and surprisingly anxious before returning to the office. My first trip back was quite strange as there was hardly anybody there, empty desks and people scattered in opposite corners of rooms. After returning a few more times and slowly building up the numbers of staff back in I felt the atmosphere quickly came back. I did find the chemistry of discussing a new pitch or project can be very good over a video call, but for me personally you can’t beat a room full of people for a good brainstorm.

I haven’t missed the drive-in/home and do like the flexibility of working from home.

Mark – Although the previous six months or so of working completely remotely has been a great experience it’s great to get back to the office and spend time with people throughout the day. It’s certainly been an experience holding conference calls and team meetings from the confines of my own home – whilst also being a little odd sharing personal space with work colleagues and clients. As we transition from home working to spending more time in the office, it’s great to chat through projects and tasks in person. The countryside location of the office and big open rooms removes any nervousness about returning and with flexible working still available it’s been a good way to welcome team members back when they feel comfortable. If anything, the last six months has reaffirmed something, that our team are able to deliver great work and projects no matter what the circumstances.

Georgina – I actually started at Wish in July, so I started day one in the office. Which was slightly strange because there was only Chris and I in, and I met everyone else through video call, so it has been really great to finally meet everyone in person. I think it’s particularly hard for new starters going into a business during this time. But I’ve been so glad of the daily calls as I feel that’s how I got to know everyone. But it’s really great now working with everyone in person to bounce ideas back and forth.

Chris – Working remotely full-time took some getting used to but everyone settled really well into it and our morning Google meeting catch-ups became really beneficial. Once things started to ease up a little regarding the pandemic restrictions, personally I was keen to get back to the office. We then wanted to ensure everything was safe for the team to return when they felt comfortable doing so. Having everyone in on a Monday has proved fantastic to see each other face to face again and have the kind of productive discussions that are only really possible when we’re in the same building. For the rest of the week, the office is open, and the team can choose whether they work from here or remotely. This seems to be working very well and as always, the main thing for us is, are our clients happy and receiving the type of outstanding services that Wish has become well-known for? They are… and that’s all that matters.

In addition to getting ourselves back into the office safely, we’ve been helping a number of our clients develop marketing and internal communications materials, offline and online, that assisted with their own return to work planning.

With the Government campaign starting next week to encourage workers back to offices, now could be the perfect time to start your own planning if not already underway.