Making your product stand out in the world of E-commerce

3 Minutes
Sara Armitage

As a Yorkshire digital marketing agency, we work with a variety of clients who manufacture or sell a broad range of products and services. This can include products such as flanges, hand sanitiser or waste disposal services, some of which might not seem the most exciting, you may be thinking.

You too may have a product that you need to get out there, it may not be the most appealing, nor the Rolls-Royce of its kind but you still have to sell it and it still has its place and role to play.

This is where e-commerce really kicks in, making a not-so-hot product sizzle off the page. With a bit of work, thought and the right know-how you can present your product in the best light, distinguish it from the competition and thus improve your chances of increasing sales.

So here’s how to put your best foot forward.

You need to ramp up the perceived value of your product. Clearly show customers your product, convince them of the quality and benefits of your product and why it is the best option for them.

Firstly use professional images. Make sure you have good quality product shots, in focus, not from a phone and showing all sides/angles/benefits of the product in its best light. Put together a portfolio of imaginative images by using a professional photographer who will have ideas on how to make the products look their best. Make the images unique, with backdrops, angles, lighting etc. Show the different uses of the product and if relevant the end result of using the product .

Invest in a good graphic designer. With the importance of E-commerce, you can’t afford to cut corners. You need to be competitive and create a really good impact from the first click.  Visuals are critical and are likely to determine whether the customer stays on the site or moves on.  There is an interesting read, ‘The Incredible way your brain ‘sees’ a logo” which mentions that the human brain perceives, analyses and understands your brand and logo in about 400 milliseconds.

Also don’t forget that your visuals need to work across all online devices so smartphones, ipads and desktops. First impressions count, and this has never been more true.

Next, complement your images with great content and descriptive, informative writing. Use lists of features and benefits, statistics and charts, endorsements, reviews, Q&As, how-to’s, background information and social sharing widgets. This content will be unique to you and will help your SEO ranking.   Use powerful language to describe your product and all its attributes in a compelling and memorable way.

Use a professional copywriter who can make your product stand out by providing quality content that establishes you and your product as an authority. For a mediocre product, the copy needs to be the best it can be to out-match your competitors. Using a copywriter will also mean it will be free of grammatical errors or verbal static.

Choose a digital ad team who know how to target and maximise results. so one that is professional and experienced otherwise you may be wasting your money. Wish Digital offers ecommerce digital marketing that targets potential users in a variety of ways whilst dovetailing with web content. Your digital ad partner should be targeting behaviour based on shopping and buying trends, demographics and geographic location.

Make sure you highlight the benefits and where feasible back this up with expert opinions and comments. For example if your product is low in sugar include facts and respected comment on the issues regarding too much sugar or if your product is made from sustainable resources, highlight the benefits to global wellbeing as well as talking about where the products come from. This could make the difference between making a sale or losing it to a competitor. Your copywriter should help you bring out these benefits.

There are plenty more things to think about but these are good key points to get started on. Think quality and put your product in the best light possible to create a professional, respected and trustworthy experience that will keep the customer on the page and hopefully end in a sale.