Guidelines for online video advertising viewability

2 Minutes
Sara Armitage

A couple of months ago we posted comment on video optimisation and how the medium is now an increasing part of the online marketing mix.

As it becomes more of a marketing standard, the Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards (JICWEB) has recently published new guidelines for products that aim to measure the viewability of online video.

JICWEBS is an independent body that defines best practice and standards for online ad trading and was created by the UK and Ireland media. According to the latest IAB UK/PwC Digital Adspend study, video advertising in 2015 grew 51% to £711m, now accounting for nearly one quarter (23%) of display ad spend.

JICWEBS Chairman Richard Foan commented; “Video spend is growing at over three times the rate of overall online spend, consequently, advertisers are becoming more focused in their demand for greater transparency in this area.”

There are four principles noted in the document and they apply to products reporting the opportunity to see banner and video content in a website environment (excluding mobile).

1. Reporting on the percentage of area and viewable time:

JICWEBS recommends a product used for viewability measurement must be able to report the percentage of an area viewable over time

2. Reporting viewable impressions, including special cases:

The product must be able to count viewable impressions based on a specific threshold of both percentage of area and continuous time. A product vendor must disclose when modelling is used to estimate viewable impression counts and also when clicks are used as a proxy for viewable impressions.

3. Disclosure of what’s measured:

Whether this is the video content itself, container or video player

4. Measurement and asset render requirements:

What point measurement happens in relation to asset render must be disclosed

Compliance of these guidelines will become increasingly important as the use of video advertising grows even more prolific. If you have any queries about using video ads, let us know and we’ll be happy to help.