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Committed to care since 1897, Elizabeth Finn Homes is dedicated to caring for and providing those in later life with a community filled with joy and kindness in their eight homes across the UK. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Turn2us, Elizabeth Finn is a not-for-profit company. Following a project to refresh the visual identity, to enhance their engagement and leads, Wish were challenged with creating a visually pleasing, yet effective new website that aligns with their updated identity.



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Developing an online presence for Elizabeth Finn Homes

Elizabeth Finn Homes commissioned a complete visual re-brand. To align with their new identity, the completely new look was implemented across the new website, ensuring consistency across offline and online channels.

Enhancing the user experience, the website was redesigned using micro-sites for each care home. This provided a more user-friendly route of accessing individual care home information in a logical and digestible way.

Optimisation was next, enhancing loading speed and usability. Re-adjusting the order of content and page layouts ensured a logical flow, with clear hierarchy and easy access to relevant sections and forms on all devices.

Integrating the website with lead generation tracking, allows for easy monitoring of form submissions, referral sources, and home preferences. This helps to continually optimise Elizabeth Finn’s paid traffic adverts to maximise lead generation from the most effective sources.

Elizabeth Finn
Elizabeth Finn
Elizabeth Finn
Elizabeth Finn residents

Elizabeth Finn Homes are dedicated and proud of making a difference to peoples’ lives and providing high standards of care through all their homes, we wanted this to reflect in their website. We are proud to have launched a visually stunning new website, offering a more enhanced online experience for both residents and families that reflect luxury, high standard of care and ease.

Elizabeth Finn