ARC Regulatory

Partnering with ARC to deliver a lead generation website

ARC Regulatory supports pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic and start-up companies through the complex regulatory landscape. ARC’s core objective is to find kinder patient treatments by supporting companies through advanced regulatory compliance and clinical research requirements. Established in 2010 ARC is a trusted in vitro diagnostic and CDx partner committed to improving patient care and leveraging global expertise.

Wish were tasked with creating a new website to help generate high-quality business leads whilst also supporting their wider marketing efforts in print and events.



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Optimising User Experience and Lead Generation

The primary aim of the project was to generate high-quality business leads through the new website. To achieve this goal, our approach involved crafting an engaging website that presents detailed content in a fluid and informative manner, while also offering ARC a scalable platform for future growth and enhancement.

Through comprehensive scoping and discovery, we pinpointed the key objectives for the new website: improving user experiences to drive lead generation into their CRM system HubSpot, facilitating easy access to information for users, and ensuring clarity in understanding complex content. Additionally, we set about building a website that enables ARC to efficiently manage frequent content updates which included webinars, white papers and that latest industry news.

ARC Regulatory
ARC Regulatory
ARC Regulatory

ARC's Integrated Web Transformation

A minimalist and professional design approach was adopted for ARC’s website, featuring an extended colour palette and soft, rounded elements for a friendly feel. Clear call-to-action buttons were strategically placed to enhance user interaction, alongside intuitive dropdown navigation to improve user engagement.

A HubSpot integration was implemented to streamline user flow, providing relevant call-to-actions and simplifying the contact process. ARC’s existing digital products website was merged into the main site, improving navigation and enhancing lead generation through HubSpot CRM. And the website was built on WordPress for easy content management, SEO optimisation and scalability.

The website’s navigation was redesigned for easy access to information, with simplified language for broader understanding. New sections were added to highlight sector-specific content, allowing ARC to target relevant keywords and improve their SEO strategy.

ARC Regulatory website homepage