Wish launch new website for Asset Control

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Chris Kell

We have recently launched a new website for our client, Asset Control.

Asset Control provide some of the world’s largest banks and financial institutions with financial data management solutions. They offer software and technical solutions to organisations to help them transfer and manage huge amounts of financial information. Streamlining existing processes or constructing new ways of dealing with big data sets.

They currently operate across the globe and have offices in the US, UK, Singapore, Brazil and the Netherlands.

Animated HTML, optimised for all devices

Their previous website was very static and didn’t allow for much customisation. Their news and blog articles were hidden away within the website and the site generally had a very ‘template-like’ design.

Wish were given a brief to create a website that the client could use to share valuable insights with the sectors they operate in, to bring the aesthetics of the site in line with the company’s latest branding, to build a platform that they had full control of and to link with their HubSpot inbound marketing software.

The new website puts content at its core – with a dynamic content block displayed on most pages the client can display up to date, relevant content on numerous pages.

A restructuring of the websites navigation has made moving through the website easier and more customisable for the client.

Mobile-friendly, responsive website

The website is fully integrated with HubSpot embedded forms so all enquiries feed into the client’s HubSpot CRM without any manual intervention.

The WordPress CMS allows Asset Control to change the core website structure all the way down to fine-tuning which articles are displayed on which page as well as the ability to edit the content and images throughout the site.

The client was incredibly pleased with the project process and the resulting website:

Very smooth delivery of our new corporate website, good feedback and guidance on our requirements during the process and productive collaboration with the Wish team in the creation and switchover to the new site

M.G, VP Marketing & Strategy at Asset Control

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