Where Does SEO Feature in Digital Marketing

2 Minutes
Mark Gregory

In the 90’s we saw SEO begin to appear for corporate companies and by 2004 start-ups and small businesses began to understand the importance of SEO to help them increase traffic and their goals. Today, digital teams are using key SEO tactics across their full digital marketing strategy viewing it as essential.

Here are a few ways SEO features throughout your digital marketing:

Website Development

SEO needs to work closely with web development to allow optimisation for web speed and the idea of mobile first websites. Quite often we are now seeing a website and its content being built for mobile before desktop. It is important to be aware of SEO when doing so.

PR and Brand Mention

Online reputation management is important within SEO strategy. PR teams can truly benefit by collaborating with SEO, as brand mentions can leverage online presence and search visibility.

Social Media Marketing

To achieve full SEO benefits, your social media program must be in line with your SEO strategy. Social shares allow backlinks to your site/content and can indicate whether your content strategy is working.

Content Strategy

You have heard it before, but content is king. Content is an important SEO asset. Most of SEO’s budget relies on content creation. Defining a strong content strategy along with SEO can easily lift conversions and brand authority.

Paid Search

Paid search goes hand in hand with SEO by optimising landing pages, keyword plans, and mutual content strategy. Using SEO and content strategy tactics enable you to tackle expensive keywords and gain organic traffic.


If you match the right content journey with the best user experience, you will bring satisfied users to your funnel. Combining both SEO and conversion tactics can help create organic results. Make sure you get to grips with your audience and users.

Good luck with all of your SEO work and remember that Wish Agency are here to help, should you need it.