Valentines Day – Don’t Miss Out On A Digital Marketing Opportunity

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Valentine’s Day, do you love it or hate it? Either way, in the digital marketing world you can’t ignore it. It is another calendar event you can use to push your brand and hope customers share their love for you, hopefully very openly through social media for all eyes to see.

Here are a few tips for planning a digital marketing campaign around a calendar event.


Know your dates. In addition to global events and holidays, have you searched for national and local events relevant to your business’ sector?


Know your audience. This is crucial in deciding who you are aiming your campaigns at.


Know your content. Are you promoting a new product? Or a series of whitepapers? What are competitors doing? Once you have an idea of the content theme and audience, you can start getting creative.


Know your businesses tone of voice. Be sure you are in line with your brand’s values with your tone. Chatty? Professional? Informative?


Know your channel. Email can be useful to target existing customers, while competitions can boost social engagement. Your target audience will dictate which channel you take

For a few ideas for campaigns around Valentines day take a look at some of the ones we like below.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. used video to create a ‘concierge of love’ theme and providing their audience with various tips such as ‘A Tiffany ring never goes unanswered’. The brand produced five shoppable animations to promote gifts people can buy for their loved ones (or persuade their partners to buy for them!) Using a ‘shop the video’ icon throughout allowed the audience to view the products shown and add them to their basket and to get the audience talking they used the hashtag #vdaytips., launched an email campaign with a countdown to the big V day. They displayed the remaining number of days in the subject field and offered a promotional 10% off gifts.


Ryanair launched a competition on Twitter with the hashtag #loveRyanair, encouraging people to post images of themselves and their ones, and asking them to pick their dream romantic getaway destination for the chance to win free flights.


Innocent Smoothies came up with the idea of love labels. Innocent let consumers create their own love label to wrap around a bottle. Consumers were asked to complete the label by either writing their own message or pick a message from pre-existing ones. The labels can also be shared through social media.

Match & Starbucks

In 2015 Match and Starbucks. offered couples the chance for singles to connect at Starbucks. More than 3 million members listed ‘coffee and conversation’ as one of their interests which meant those members were able to use the new meet at Starbucks feature to make that first coffee date happen.

Valentines Day Marketing

We hope you are have a great Valentine’s day, but we hope that your Valentines campaigns are even greater. Wish are always here to help with digital marketing campaigns.