The latest Movers and Shakers – Brands that are making the right impression on UK consumers

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Sara Armitage

The latest Movers and Shakers – Brands that are making the right impression on UK consumers

International research and data analytics group YouGov has just released data on the biggest brand movers for March 2021.

This data is part of a new series of monthly YouGov BrandIndex brand movers which will flag up the top five brands that have generated a positive influence amongst UK consumers across all BrandIndex metrics.

Brands are ranked based on the number of metrics that saw a statistically significant increase month on month, these include things like word of mouth, ad awareness, and if a consumer had heard of any brand news in the last two weeks.

The top five biggest movers for March are shown in the table below:

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Star, which launched on February 23rd 2021, is the new content hub that is part of the Disney+ streaming service, came out top for March.  Followed by All4 and Quorn in third place.

This data compiled by YouGov flags up the key outreach goals of a good marketing plan for all brands and highlights what works, what leaves a lasting impression on the consumer.  It requires a combination of a
range of messaging channels and methods.

Here are the key metrics that YouGov look at and ones to consider for your own brand:

Media Metrics

Ad Awareness – Whether a consumer has seen or heard an advertisement for a brand in the past two weeks  

Word of Mouth – Whether a consumer has talked about a brand with family or friends in the past two weeks  

Buzz – Whether a consumer has heard anything positive or negative about a brand in the past two weeks (net score) 

Brand Health Metrics

Awareness – Whether or not a consumer has ever heard of a brand  

Index – A measure of overall brand health that takes the average of Impression, Quality, Value, Satisfaction, Recommend, and Reputation scores  

Quality – Whether a consumer considers a brand to represent good or poor quality 

Value – Whether a consumer considers a brand to represent good or poor value for money  

Impression – Whether a consumer has a positive or negative impression of a brand  

Reputation – Whether a consumer would be proud or embarrassed to work for a particular brand  

Satisfaction – Whether a consumer is currently a satisfied or dissatisfied customer of a particular brand
Recommend – Whether a consumer would recommend a brand to a friend or colleague or not 

Purchase Funnel Metrics

Consideration – Whether a consumer would consider a brand or not the next time they are in the market for a particular product 

Purchase Intent – Whether a consumer would be most likely or unlikely to purchase a specific product  

Current Customer – Whether a consumer has purchased a given product or not within a specified period of time 

You can see from the table above how well the top five brands did in these particular areas.  Quorn for example launched a big campaign to highlight its food sustainability credentials by focusing on its relationship with Liverpool Football Club. This will have impacted on its ad awareness and word of mouth scores.

It’s worth looking at your brand and which of these areas you could have a stronger impact in.  YouGov offers a free brand health check to get you started. 

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