Some Thoughts on the Facebook Re-brand

3 Minutes

This week Facebook – the company, not the app –  has announced a re-brand and unveiled a new logo.

Facebook started as an app in 2004, but they now own 70+ companies. They feel that the old logo is associated with Facebook – the app – and doesn’t completely represent Facebook as a company.

“The new company branding is designed to help us better represent the diversity of products we build, establish a distinction from the Facebook app and communicate our purpose in the world.”

The new logo, shown below, introduces a new capitalisation and typography, along with a change in colours to represent WhatsApp and Instagram.

Given all the attention Facebook is getting in the press at the moment in regards to policies and politics, it is interesting timing for a rebrand. I asked the team what they thought.

facebook logo new


Steve Lilley – Creative Director

“Facebook have changed their logo…

This is a Corporate branding umbrella, for a multi-billion $ company so there is some expectation that this should be very corporate and minimalistic.  Can you think of any other big corporates that haven’t followed this formula in the last 5 years? Worth mentioning the colourful gif version ties in the various apps colours too: Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook. A much neater approach than trying to merge all the mini icons or something complicated.

You can see Facebook have used tried & tested tricks with typography, wider kerning and customising curves on some letters for a subtle differentiation.

For me, the use of the abbreviated ‘FB’ is a smart move considering where this brand will be appearing. It will be interesting to see how much this catches on over the next say five years. Dare we predict the Facebook umbrella may even change from Facebook to FB somewhere in the future?

It’s a like from me… sorry, couldn’t resist that bit.”

Ben Sparrow – Digital Project Manager

“I can understand their efforts to try and change public perception, as they have developed a bit of a bad reputation over the last couple of years, following the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Maybe a rebrand is what they need to make up for their mistakes.”

Chris Kell – Director

“The timing seems about right for Facebook to re-brand. Bringing the brand to the forefront within their other products makes sense, as Facebook must evolve. To Generation Z and even millennial’s, Facebook is perhaps considered an uncool platform used by their parents….yuck!”

Danielle Wright – Digital Marketing Executive

“I understand the need for the re-brand, Facebook is no longer just an app and they want to represent that. But I think at this point, the parent brand isn’t as well-liked by the public as they perhaps think and I’m unsure a rebrand is going to change that.“

facebook logo old


Facebook has evolved significantly since its inception in 2004, and it makes sense that they would want to re-brand to represent the company that they are today.

Given all the bad press Facebook has been experiencing in recent times, some observers may argue their focus should be reviewing their political and privacy policies rather than concerning themselves with a font change. However, the power of branding can’t be ignored and this re-launch could revitalise public perception and play a key part in Facebook’s next stage of evolution.