Knowing your ABCs when it comes to Back to School

2 Minutes
Mark Gregory

The tan has barely faded and memories of the summer holiday are still on the radar, but already thoughts for many are turning to digital marketing for Back to School and a new scholastic year. Exam results are posted this month and there are many anxious students, young and more mature, with everything crossed for a favourable outcome.

Be it primary, secondary, university or college it is a time for planning, purchasing and often drastic changes. The Back to School market (BTS) has expanded, now incorporating many older students who may have families of their own and different purchasing requirements to younger students so make sure you know your ABC’s when it comes to digital marketing at this time of year.

In the US, the BTS spending season in 2016 was the second largest consumer spending season, second only to the Winter/Christmas holiday season. According to the National Retail Association, total spend for students from kindergarten to college was set to reach $75.8 billion last year.

As with any market sector or target audience, elements change over time. So first off make sure you approach your digital marketing in such a way that takes into consideration all the diverse BTS segments. Your customer sectors will share many requirements in common but will also be unique in what appeals to them and how they spend their money. More importantly will be the way in which they choose to shop and receive purchase messages, be that by email, via an App, via Social Media and on a mobile device or a desktop computer.

You need to ensure that you target your messages to each market segment via the most appropriate method and use language that appeals to that group of customers. Make use of the data and tools available to better understand your customers and don’t just look at demographics. Understand their reasons for being in education and their rationale for buying, often related to general trends in fashion, media and technology. And don’t forget that BTS shoppers also include teachers who have purchasing needs for themselves and the classroom, and not just for the start of a new school year.

If you need any help with your digital marketing in time for a new school year, then Wish are here to help.