How to set up Facebook Locations and Global Pages

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If you’ve been wondering how to set up Facebook Locations or Global Pages for your business page, then look no further. This article will provide you with an insight into how your Facebook Business page can target potential customers in various locations using either Facebook Locations or Global Pages.

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Tailoring your business page to each location can be complex and time consuming, with Facebook previously only allowing separate pages for different geographical locations, you can now optimise your Facebook business profile to better meet the needs of your company so that your Facebook page can target a multitude of different consumer locations.

One of the main benefits of this feature, is enabling your business to gain a wider community connection and the insights of local people. As a recent study has shown that on average there are 25x more impressions taking place on local Facebook pages compared to big corporate pages, due to the increased trust and relatability.

Locations or Global Pages which is right for you?

The features of both Global Pages and Facebook Locations are similar, enabling you to localise you content and use different languages. However, each has a different purpose.


This is relevant to businesses that have a physical location in the target locations. So, for example if a UK shop opened up a shop in France, they may want a version of their social media content in French, and with localised offers. Facebook Locations would be right for you.

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Global Pages

This is relevant to businesses without a physical location, you may be an ecommerce retailer or wanting to gauge a response from a new customer segment. For example, if you had been trading online in the UK and wanted to expand to the US market using online channels, you can create a page that tailors’ content for US customers. Global pages would be the best solution for you.

Locations – Getting Started

In order to add multiple locations to your current corporate page, you must first ensure there are no addresses associated with your current page known as the “parent page”.

Step 1:

Request Access to Locations via the Request Access form. 

This form is accessible via your Facebook Business Page. Which can be accessed in the pages tab.

Step 2:

Once you’ve submitted a request form Facebook will then approve your request via the email linked with your corporate page.

Step 3:

You can now start managing each location using the “parent page’. To add locations, click on settings and then locations. On the locations tab you will be able to add one location at a time either using your existing local page or a new page, these are also known as “child pages”.

Step 4:

When you have added all of our Location Pages it’s time to start adding ‘local content’. You can now simply choose which location/s you want your content to reach using the Facebook page manager platform. When customers view your corporate page, they will see the details of the shop closest to them.

Global Pages – Getting Started

More recently Facebook has launched Global Pages, which allows your business page to tap into markets even if you don’t currently have a physical presence. Global pages will allow you to capture a global audience, with tailored content to suit each location.

Before you start you will need to set up separate pages for each location, ensuring they have the same Market Page Name and Category.

Step 1:

Open the page that is going to act as the default, click on Settings and then select Global Pages and then Add Page.

Step 2:

Select the page you want to add to the business account, at this point you are able to change the language settings and the countries you want to be directed to the new page.

Step 3:

You will then be able to access 3 types of pages in your Facebook Page Manager

Default: This is the primary page (posts on here will not be shared to the market pages)

Market: These are your customisable pages based on location

Root: Where you can view insights for all of your Global Pages.

From here you can change between pages to best suit your task.

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Global Pages is currently being rolled out – so if you can’t access this feature this should change in the next few months (July 2020). If you need any help setting up your business pages to serve global audiences, please contact Wish.