How to Improve your Online Presence with Social Media Marketing

3 Minutes

Want to know how you can improve your business’ online presence with social media marketing? Here are a few rules to follow:

Content, Content, Content

Putting out quality content is the first rule of thumb with social media. You need to create the reason your followers will want to come back to your page. Make sure you are putting your brands identity and message out there. it is very important to remember that social media marketing is not just all about promotion, you need to give your audience something of value and value comes from interesting and engaging content. A good example would be to give your audience a free white paper or newsletter in return for their name and email address.

Listen and Absorb

To gain those small social media victories, you need to listen and absorb what is happening in the market around you. Read blog posts of your competition to see the responses they are putting out there so that you know if you are in line with other businesses in your field. Listen to what your audience are talking about, what do they currently want? You could look at the comments on one of your blog posts to see what they are interested in and what questions they have. Knowing what your audience want only expands upon your credibility as a business as you are listening to their needs.

Give back what you get

Social media is a give and take relationship. if you are willing to participate, engage and share content with others then they will be more willing to do so with the things your brand put out there. Social media is not all about focusing solely on the content to post, you need to engage with the social community to get back what you put in. This is just simple actions such as tweeting or sharing an article you found useful or enjoyed reading. Many others on the various platforms are people that will also be trying to grow their business, so being willing to help others will benefit you.

Become Accessible & Consistent

One of the key parts to social media marketing is to gain a loyal following by giving consistent updates to establish your online presence. This might involve being consistent with your blog posts or letting your audience know about any updates to the business no matter how small. You should always be there for your audience. Be accessible by answering any question that may come into your channels and allow access to your content no matter how old or new this may be. One other way to stay accessible is to send out an update to your email subscribers.

Be Patient

Perhaps the most important rue in social media marketing, BE PATIENT. Modern day technology moves incredibly fast ad businesses looking to build a loyal audience need to invest in lead nurturing. Most companies lose out due to a lack of follow ups. Think about nurturing your leads over time and theses leads will then turn into loyal customers. To do this be consistent by adding regular content to all your social media campaigns and always follow up your emails.