Free Digital Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

2 Minutes

At a recent Harrogate Chamber event, Chris Kell was invited to speak about SEO and free digital marketing tips for small business owners. The event was hosted at the Pavilions of Harrogate in February 2016 and the presentations were used to promote the Yorkshire business market to be held in April the same year.

Chris’s presentation focused on what Google themselves say about website optimisation, this is four simple points, so often overlooked by SEO Agencies:

1. Provide high quality content on your site

Google tries to find the best answer for our users’ requests; if you write the best material, you’re in the game. Use the Search Analytics report to see which queries lead to your pages, and what the click-through rate is for links to your site.

2. Make your site mobile friendly

Many users search on mobile devices; our search results favour pages that we think answer the user’s request best with the best possible user experience on their platform.

3. Use informative titles and snippets

Good, clear titles and accurate meta tag descriptions help us understand the purpose of a page and generate useful snippets in our search results.

4. Add structured data

With Structured data to enable additional search result features such as stars, event information, or site search boxes, which add to the user experience, making your site more valuable to readers.

Chris went on to talk about what these points mean for SEO and how website owners can check their own Google indexing status to highlight opportunities to better their website’s structure – ultimately helping Google to understand what they want to rank for. Google’s Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) was next on the agenda. A constant surprise to us here at our little Yorkshire Digital Agency  is how many website owners or managers (or, shockingly agencies) use Google analytics but NOT Google’s Search Console.

The presentation discusses this and explains how businesses can easily make use of the wealth of information in the search console. Chris went on to touch briefly on Social Media marketing and Voice Search. Watch the presentation, which was filmed and produced by the excellent video production company Flapjack films, and learn new digital marketing tips for your business or website, you can view the clip above or head over to YouTube here.