Creating a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

4 Minutes

Emails are a great way to connect with customers if you know how! But with 205 billion emails being sent and received every day, email is a tough game resulting in a pressure to really get it right.

Here are some top tips to running a successful email marketing campaign.

Excellent Copy

Consumers receive a lot of marketing emails and they are most likely sick of receiving so many. Therefore, you must stand out in their inboxes with clever, engaging and convincing copy to persuade them to click your action buttons.

Keep it short and succinct, making it easy for users to scan and digest the message quickly. Add personalisation into your email copy. Fifty-three percent of marketers say continuous, personalised contact with existing customers results in moderate to significant revenue impact.

Beautiful Design

Design must also make it easy for readers to scan your email. Why? Because people are too busy. If they feel bombarded by too much information, they’ll switch off. Make your design clean and simple and don’t be afraid of blank space. This makes it easy for users to scan the page and allows products to stand out.

Design your emails to fit in with the rest of your branding and marketing collateral as after all emails are an extension of your brand and will make them more memorable.

A/B Testing

Before sending out an email campaign, test it out first.

A/B testing is a technique for finding out what email marketing messages your customers best respond to. It’s great for improving not only your CTRs, but also your conversion rates.

Take two concepts (open rates, click-through rates etc) you think will be successful and dry run two slightly different emails to groups of 5o to test which one receives the best results.

If you want to find out more about A/B testing then have a read of this beginner’s guide.

Catchy Subject Line

If you don’t draw people in with your subject line, then you’ve missed your chance.

To improve your open rate and your marketing campaigns, you need to put a lot of effort into your subject line. The subject line tells the reader what’s inside the email, a description of the benefit you are providing and creates an instant emotion (curiosity, fear, anger). In addition to that an enticing call to action to drive a landing page where the offer, or content lives.

Creating a catchy subject line is all about thinking outside the box and asking yourself, “Would I click that?”

An Enticing Call to Action

If your subject line is catchy, then your call to action must be even catchier. Your Call to action (CTA) is the reason you are sending the email so it must be given great attention. CTA’s need to stand out on the page. A great way to do this is with an engaging line of copy and a coloured call to action button.

Another vital trait of a successful call to action is clarity. Make sure your readers are clear on where the call to action button will take them.

Be Responsive

Responsive design is an absolute must. Especially when you consider that 67.2 percent of consumers use a smartphone to check their email, and 71.6 percent of consumers will delete emails if they don’t look good on mobile!

These days everyone is glued to their smartphones and now this is an integral part of everyday life. So don’t forget it.

A Great List

This involves targeting a segmented list and taking the time to track those segments. Don’t spam everyone on your list assuming they will be interested in every product offer you have. For example, you would only send out an offer on running shoes if people have purchased running shoes in the past, looked at running shoes, or checked that they’re interested in running shoes.

Measure success

Success should be measured using the Click to open Rate (CTOR). This means a high percentage of the people who opened your email converted. You can use Google analytics to help with measuring conversions on your website.

Marketing techniques should never be implemented without measuring success, including email marketing.

Final thoughts

No matter how many social media platforms there are out there, email marketing still works and should still be utilised. Email marketing is a great way to connect with your customer base, and with these tips you’ll be able to run successful email marketing campaigns.

If you would like Wish to help with any of your email marketing then feel free to get in touch.